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18 / 10 / 18

5 Tips For Planning Experiential Events For Kids

Experiential marketing can be used to reach many different types of audiences, including kids. (Those sugary drinks have to get aggressively marketed somehow, right?). However, planning an experiential marketing event aimed at kids is very…

15 / 10 / 18

5 Ways To Make Waiting At Experiential Marketing Events A Fun Part Of The Experience

No one actually likes waiting in line, regardless of whether they’re at a store, movie theatre, or hell. But unfortunately, many people end up waiting in long lines in order to get into experiential marketing…

12 / 10 / 18

10 Of The Most Creative Billboards From Around The World

We know we talk about Experiential Marketing a lot (it's one of our shticks so obvi) and how traditional advertising alone won't cut it anymore. But that doesn't mean traditional advertising still isn't effective. Take billboards…

09 / 10 / 18

6 KPIs For Measuring Attendee Satisfaction At Events

From big concerts to small-scale exhibitions, the key to a successful event lies in the satisfaction of the people that attend. Any sound event strategy, from big concerts to small-scale exhibitions, should include multiple methods of…

08 / 10 / 18

4 Useful Tools For Finding Event Venues in Nigeria

Finding a venue that conveys the unique and special personality of your client is an important part of the event planning process, and can also be very difficult. As an event planner/management company, you might…

04 / 10 / 18

How Kanye West Changed The Art Of Live Stage Shows

During rehearsals for the Saint Pablo tour back in 2016, rapper Kanye West asked his production design team a question he'd pondered over for a decade: "Why do we have a stage anyway?" None of…

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